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Everyone has ideas.

Some are better than others. Ordering a pizza at 3am on a Tuesday may seem like a good idea at the time, but you will probably regret it the next morning.

I like ideas because there are very little parameters. Ideas do not have to be a certain size, conform to a certain standard, or be executed in a specific way. The best idea in the world may be something people use everyday but do not even think about. Having a cell phone alert you by vibrating instead of playing a loud, obnoxious ringtone was a great idea.

Anyway, having ideas is a good idea. And everyone has them, all the time. That is why I want to dedicate part of my blog to discussing my own ideas! If I think of something during the day, I will blog about it. It may be a horrible idea, like using your oven to heat up bath towels in the winter, but the point is to find out what makes it so bad. (Or good. Sometimes I have good ideas too.)

Thanks for reading!

Justin Maslin

Justin Maslin

Maybe likes avocados a little too much

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