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Llama or Alpaca? This is the question people all over the world have been asking. But, like all projects, this one began with a serious question: how can you tell the difference between llamas and alpacas?

Just want to play the game? Click here.

The typical origin story.

A few years ago, over Thanksgiving, the question was asked by one of my cousins. At the time, the only logical next move was to create a simple website to see who could tell the difference. A few years later (last week) inspiration hit and I decided to create a new version of the quiz.

After about an hour and a half during one of my night classes (mostly research to find the images) the first version of Llama or Alpaca was live.

Well, is it a llama or alpaca?

Some people think the game is too simple. Alpacas are fluffier, of course. They have ended up not scoring too high. Others have not even been able to finish - the funny faces proved to be too much to handle.

Some statistics since launching a week ago:

In addition to many games played, we have also received some buzz on Twitter. One person thinks this is a commentary on what millennials find important.

Other people are using Llama or Alpaca to procrastinate, which is not the worst thing in the world. It’s educational, after all!

At the end of the day, we are glad it is important enough to be shared with friends and family.

Simple yet successful.

This game was meant to be a goofy distraction and an excuse to do some coding. It ended up making lots of people laugh and being fun for all ages. Special thanks to my extended family for the inspiration and letting me spam the group chat a little bit.

If you have any questions, feature requests, or found a great picture of a llama / alpaca that needs to be included, let me know!

For code and more technical information, please check out the projects section. Thanks for reading!

An alpaca. Or is it a llama?
An alpaca. Or is it a llama?
Justin Maslin

Justin Maslin

Maybe likes avocados a little too much

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